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Video: How can you help AWOM grow?

In the second video from Adelaide Word of Mouth: Founder, Rob Kalemba and Online Operations Director, Josh Pugh have sat down again to explain how YOU, our members, can help grow and improve the AWOM network!

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In this video:

Hello people of Adelaide Word of Mouth, I am Rob, the founder of AWOM and this is Josh our Online Operations. We’re putting a call out to all members to basically invite the business community of Adelaide to now become a part of AWOM. So, any business at all.. Whether it

Business, cafe, restaurants, marketing, anything at all!

Anything. So if you know someone that is in business in Adelaide and wants to be part of the fantastic events and what  we do with Adelaide Word of mouth (that you already know) then send them to this link below [or refer someone to AWOM].

We know that Adelaide is full of lots of other networks, you’ve probably got connections from all different reasons and all different places whether it’s North, South, East or West or in the CBD. So we want you to tell us, and we want you to tell them and spread the word of mouth about Adelaide Word of Mouth.

But get your mates, your business colleagues to become a part of AWOM and let’s make it better for everybody.

Become a member today at http://awom.com.au

Video: Why is AWOM Free?

In a first for Adelaide Word of Mouth: Founder, Rob Kalemba and Online Operations Director, Josh Pugh have gotten in front of the camera to explain why Adelaide Word of Mouth business networking is free to join.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be be answering our Members’ frequently asked questions  in short videos like this one; giving an insight into the organisation and the people that are behind it.

We’d love to hear what you think about the concept, the group and the video itself so please leave us a comment below!

In this video:

AWOM is a free event because in all honesty I think the most important commodity or important value is the value of peoples time.

A lot of people, in small businesses especially, don’t have the funds to be able to afford big memberships, big registration fees, and it restricts the type of business that you can get into a network group.

It’s a very daunting thing for some members who’ve never networked before to even begin networking, so by having something that is essentially free it takes down that guard of having to get an instant return out of it. You can go there and engage in conversations.

The benefit of AWOM is that we have so many different types of business, so many different levels of business and so many different sizes of business, that the time is the real cost to a member as opposed to simply charging a fee.

So again, by having a free network it ensures that we’ve always got new people coming through so that people can try and see if AWOM is for them.

It really does allow for a huge array of different people to come to each event and it means that you’re not locked in to coming regularly you don’t have to come to particular events; you can pick and choose exactly the events sound most interesting to you

There are a lot of established networks in Adelaide, Adelaide is renowned as being a place that is ‘clicky’. Adelaide Word of Mouth challenges traditional networking with something that is a little bit more organic, a little bit more open, and members can feel the ease of meeting new members and engaging in conversation.

Adelaide Word of Mouth’s No-Show Policy

Hello AWOM’ers,

As our events become more popular and demand increases, we want to make sure that those who are actively interested in attending our events have every possibility to do so. The number of members of AWOM has dramatically increased in recent months and we are introducing more events to compensate for this larger group. We are also formalising our strategies and policies throughout this process to make sure that our events stay fun and free-to-attend and most importantly, that we keep our members happy.

Because of this, we are introducing our “No-Show Policy”, effective immediately.

The Policy is simple, and won’t affect the majority of our members however wanted to make sure that we made our processes as transparent and open as possible.

The Policy is as follows:

  1. If you register for an event on our website, and receive confirmation of this registration; and
  2. You do not cancel your registration online using “Your Registered Events” at the top of the website more than 24 hours before an event; and
  3. You do not attend the event you are registered for; then
  4. AWOM will email you a non-attendance warning.
  5. If this happens again for a second time, then we will suspend your membership and registration ability for one (1) month.

After this period, your warnings will be reset and you will be able to register for events just as before.

We do understand that life can get in the way of the best intentions, and that is why we have introduced a warning system first and have the ability to cancel registration more than 24 hours prior to an event.

We’re a fun-loving bunch here at AWOM and want to ensure the best for our members, and the best quality networking. So our recommendation is simple: Only register for events that you want to come to and are sure you can come to; and if you register, then please come!

Thanks very much,

Josh & Rob
The AWOM Team

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Update (19/02/13 @ 4:29pm): Please note that all warnings, suspensions, and action taken are at Adelaide Word of Mouth’s discretion.

Where is East Terrace Continental?

Hi AWOM’ers! A map to East Terrace Continental is found below! We can’t wait to see you all there bright and early tomorrow morning (February 19) at 7:00am.

If you have any questions about the event, please send an email to [email protected].

If you can no longer attend the event, please cancel your registration immediately so someone can take your place. Only register if you’re sure you can make it, as we want to ensure that as many AWOM’ers can take advantage of our networking breakfasts as possible!

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Featured Posts & Authors

Hello AWOM’ers!

We’ve been thinking long and hard about the best ways to get the most up-to-date and relevant information out to our members and we think we’ve finally worked out the best way to do it.

The key is YOU, the members. You know your industries, you know your clients and customers and most of all; you know your Adelaide! Because of this, we would love for you to be ones that write the articles that we feature on our site. Do you have some news that you think all AWOM’ers would benefit from? Or would you like to write an article about the best way to do something? We can feature that article, and give you full credit for writing it (including a link back to your website).

Our job is to make sure that only the best news gets to our members, so because of this not all news at all times will be featured; however if you’re writing good, relevant content, you will be featured on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages in front of thousands of Adelaideians and AWOM’ers.

We think this is an exciting new step for AWOM and hope you think so too.

If you’re interested, fill in the form below which includes some information about you and your idea and we’ll get back to you immediately!

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

The AWOM Team

Interested Venues Registration

Do you own or manage a venue in Adelaide? Then Adelaide Word of Mouth is very keen to have a chat with you!

With our event calendar growing behind the scenes, and our member base quickly expanding, we want Adelaide Word of Mouth to be visiting the best establishments in the city.

The only way for us to know about all of the hidden gems, is for you to tell us about them.

So what we’ve done is made a form, so that we can bring an AWOM event to your door in the coming months. Whether it be a breakfast networking event, a mid-morning socialising event, a business lunch, an afternoon tea with workmates or an evening soirée, we’ll bring a wide range of new guests to your establishment.

If you are interested, please jump on to our venue registration form that can be found here.

The World’s Largest Pub Crawl

The Worlds Biggest Pub Crawl AdelaideWe here at Adelaide Word of Mouth love to support causes and ventures around Adelaide. One of those that has come to our attention this week is the World’s Largest Pub Crawl.

Below is written by Dan Giang, co-ordinartor.

The World’s Biggest Pub Crawl is designed for groups to take advantage of some great drink and event specials during the Fringe, thanks to local pubs and Coopers. Anyone can participate, whether it is a corporate, sporting, social or university group – the only requirement is that you want to have a good time at the Fringe.

This is a “Not For Profit” event, run by student volunteers where all profits raised from the event will be going back to UniLife student associations and clubs.

The Challenge: to gain 10,000 participants at the Launch of the Event – to Create The” Worlds Biggest Pub Crawl”. This will be a challenge and we need everyone’s help in spreading word of this event to make it a success.

Participants are able to choose the time, date, venues and duration; unlike normal pub-crawls. With 19 venues to choose from, it is a great opportunity to get together and have some fun. To view participating venues, simply click on the ‘Venues’ tab on our website.

The event is run over 3 weeks, during the Fringe, which commences on Friday, 24th of February. Drink Specials can be bought at any time. In addition to your own group’s organised meet ups, there will be two launch nights, held on Friday 2nd March and Friday 16th March; both of which start at 3pm. Both of these events will kick off at ‘The Grand Academy of Lagado’ – 60 North Terrace, Adelaide, with light entertainment to warm up the evening. From here, pub-crawlers will embark on a journey throughout Adelaide city at any of the participating pubs and bars.

It will be HUGE! Everyone participating will be there, so make sure you come along with your friends, grab a beer and have some gun!

For further information and to purchase a shirt, visit http://fringeworldsbiggestpubcrawl.wordpress.com/

Buy Shirts from our E-Store or contact Dan Giang at 0421720987 or on the email below:

Dan Giang and Holly Krause
World’s Biggest Pub Crawl Co-ordinators
[email protected]

AWOM Fortnightly Pub: Lord Melbourne

Its always great to finish the week with a few office drinks down at the pub, but how good would it be to not have to talk about work or the office politics?

Maybe you don’t even go to Friday night drinks because you ARE the office and only staff-member; and it’s never good to drink alone!

Then you will be happy to hear that Adelaide Word Of Mouth are now holding the AFP.

Whats the AFP?


As a member of AWOM – Every Friday Fortnight starting from the 18th Nov 2011, you will have the opportunity between 5pm – 6:30 to catch up at an unique Adelaide Venue to meet AWOM members for end of the week drinks and a touch of networking before you head off for the weekend.

This is a great way to catch up between breakfast sessions and social media, and to experience some great Adelaide pubs & venues.

Events are FREE!

But Registration is ESSENTIAL so register now!