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2013 AWOM Feedback

Hi AWOM’ers (and not-yet-AWOM’ers alike)!

AWOM is always looking for ways to improve for the benefit of our members. For that reason, each year, we are going to have a very short questionnaire that asks you what you think of AWOM, what you think of the events, what you think of our online presence, and what you think we could do to improve.

We promise, it only takes a couple of minutes but helps us incredibly.

To sweeten the deal, all of those who enter go into the running to win a one month run as “Featured AWOM Member” and all the perks that come with it!

Entries close October 1st, 2013 at 12:00pm.

Feedback about Breakfast Networking at Cafe Piatto

Adelaide Word of Mouth Rundle Breakfast NetworkingWell, we tried something new this morning.. And we think it worked! Adelaide Word of Mouth Speed Networking!!

At this morning’s breakfast we saw a great turn out of 60 AWOM’ers who got quickly sat down and experienced our first attempt at speed networking. The rules were simple: You can discuss absolutely anything you’d like as long as it’s not business, service or product related. Members instead discussed what they might have been known for in a previous life, what hobbies they have or even what they did on the weekend. A true following of AWOM’s mantra: “People first and business second”.

It’s important to us that Members meet each other, and get to know each other instead of being handed a business card or by being given a “hard sell”. We’ve long felt that networking is meant to build relationships and even friendships, as opposed to being a soapbox to advertise a product and this is a testament to that.

So what did our Members think about it?

This time we’re doing things slightly differently: We have the usual feedback form below which we would sincerely appreciate you take the 60 seconds required to let us know what you thought in private. But in addition to that we have a live poll for the first time.. One that all members can add their comments to and see results live!

[poll id=”2″]

Feedback about Lunch at Plant 13

Hi AWOM’ers,

Our business networking lunches have so far been a fantastic success, so we’re excited that we can safely add Plant 13 to the mix now!

The time flew by for members, but some fantastic networking took place while hearing about the fantastic newly licensed venue.

Thanks again to everyone who attended, and as always we’d LOVE to hear what you thought so please do take a few seconds to fill out the form below.

The AWOM Team

Feedback about AWOM Goes to Lunch @ ETC

AWOM Goes to Lunch at ETCWell… You asked, we listened and it was a great success!

Today we held our inaugural AWOM Lunch event at the amazing East Terrace Continental. It booked out in minutes, and the turnout was fantastic. We had just over 20 people there for lunch for the hour (and many stayed for much longer afterwards).

Thank you to all those who tried out AWOM for a lunch-time event, you proved that this is what Members would like, and showed how effective lunch-time networking can be.

Be sure to keep an eye on AWOM, as we’ll be sure to have plenty more of these events in the near future!

Were you there? Please take 60 seconds to let us know what you thought!

Feedback about Breakfast Networking at Cafe Brunelli

Breakfast Networking on Rundle Street Adelaide Cafe BrunelliAnother amazing event this morning! Thank you very much to all of those who could make it.

This morning Adelaide Word of Mouth visited Cafe Brunelli on Rundle Street for a breakfast of business networking.

With a full-house of Members showing up bright and early despite the rain outside, we had two hours of very productive networking!

If you came along, we’d love to hear what you thought.

Thanks as always to the fantastic staff at Cafe Brunelli for their amazing service breakfast and especially coffee.

Feedback about AWOM Goes to Esca, Glenelg

AWOM Goes to Esca in GlenelgIs there any better way to start a day than by the seaside at an Adelaide Word of Mouth Networking Breakfast?

We sure don’t think so! This morning was the perfect mix of warm weather, great discussions and excellent networking.

Thanks to all those who attended, we’d love to hear what you thought below!

The AWOM Team

Feedback from AWOM in the Heart of the CBD

AWOM Bocelli Cafe Heart of Adelaide CBDA fantastic morning by all reports, and we’d love to hear what you have to say!

Thank you very much to all of our members and Bocelli Caffe and their staff!

A lovely venue and some great company in the heart of Adelaide!

Pot of Chilli – Hot tips for Small Business

Pot Of Chilli EventWe always love to let you know when our members are giving something back to the small business community and this one is a great example!

Pot of Chilli is a pot, it’s chilli, it’s a mix. It’s hot tips for small business!

Three stunningly magnificient small business owners really, really want to share their insights, successes and maybe the odd failure too. Presentations are just the beginning.

Get in and check out their website at potofchilli.com.au!

The first event is one week from today (30th of April), more information in the brochure on the right (just click on it).

Please note that Adelaide Word of Mouth is not affiliated with Perks or this event in any way.

Himalayan Children’s Education Foundation – Business Leadership Forums 2013

Perks HCEF Business Leadership Forums 2013Perks has been a great supporter and member of Adelaide Word of Mouth in the last 12 months and it’s no surprise that they’re hosting some fantastic business related events in the coming months.

We’re very proud to let you know all about one of them, below.


Come and join a boutique mix of young future leaders, supporters of the Hi- malayan Children’s Education Foundation and a variety of business people for the HCEF Business Leadership Forums.

Five (5) forums will be held from May – September with all revenue raised going straight to The Foundation. Participants will be able to network with like-minded professionals, hear from guest speakers with the experience, knowledge and reputation to bring you up to date with the latest trends, ideas and tools in the area of leadership in business at the same time as supporting and endorsing corporate social responsibility with the HCEF.

Cost: For the series of five forums is $1,000 +gst Total
Audience: 30 HCEF corporate sponsors and staff + 30 tickets available* Location: Perks Chartered Accountants, 180 Greenhill Road, Parkside. Times: 6.00pm to 8.30pm.
Book: http://www.trybooking.com/CQMK

SPEAKERS 2013 Series – 5 Events

Tuesday, 28 May 2013
Speaker: Rob Chapman, Chairman BankSA, Chairman Adelaide Crows Topic: Value of corporate social responsibility to business triple bottom line

Tuesday, 2 July 2013
Speaker: Bruce McAvaney, well known Australian sports commentator Topic: A sporting life

Tuesday, 30 July 2013
Speaker: Dr Travis Kemp, Workplace psychologist, organisational develop- ment expert and ABC program presenter – “Do or Die”
Topic: Leadership in the 21st century

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
Speaker: Tim Gill / Darren Williams, Darren Williams Consulting – team & leadership specialists
Topic: Leading teams / Leadership – genetics or training

Tuesday, 24 September 2013
Speaker: Duncan Chessell, Chairman Endeavour Discoveries (mineral explo- ration), Chairman Distracted Media and avid outdoor adventurer
Topic: Everest to the boardroom

Please note that Adelaide Word of Mouth is not affiliated with Perks or this event in any way.

Feedback about AWOM Goes East to Unley

Duthy Street DeliWe had a fantastic time this morning at the Duthy Street Deli and we’d love to hear what you have to say!

Thank you very much to all of our members and the Duthy Street Deli and their staff!

This is what Adelaide Word of Mouth is all about: Great people and a great venue with fantastic food and coffee.