Meet the AWOM Team

Rob Kalemba Adelaide Word of MouthRob Kalemba

Founder & Director

Rob had an idea a number of years ago about a networking event that was unlike the rest: Instead of having a handful of minutes to get your networking in with other members, why not dedicate the whole time to meeting those in business around you.

Rob started Adelaide Word of Mouth with this in mind, wanting networking to be fun and friendly again; and all about meeting the person before the business.

You’ll see him out the front of all AWOM events and he’s always happy for a chat.

Read more about the beginnings of AWOM here.

Josh Pugh Adelaide Word of MouthJosh Pugh

Director, Online & Marketing

Josh is the online voice of Adelaide Word of Mouth via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! He’s also the one who keeps in touch with members via those newsletters you receive in your inbox.

Josh joined AWOM just like everyone else, and has enjoyed every bit of getting more and more involved in the AWOM Team to now being co-owner with Rob.

Josh is also the Director of Adelaide company Identiti Web Development, creators of the AWOM website for one.

You’ll see him at the next event as Rob’s “Business Card Barrel Girl”, so stop him and have a chat!