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Rob Kalemba Adelaide Word of MouthAdelaide Word of Mouth – The Social Business Network

I’ve never been a big fan of sitting at a network event, stuck on a table, listening to a speaker or speakers. Then having 10 minutes at the end to collect or hand out cards and contacts to people I haven’t met before.

Nor am I a fan of giving business referrals for services or people I really don’t know well or trust.

This can be effective networking to some, just not me.

I prefer to meet people first and business second. Thus is the ethos of Adelaide Word of Mouth. Everyone involved in business networking will find it creates an opportunity simply by being there. We are building relationships that will naturally and organically lead to opportunities either today or in the future. So why not get to know someone based on who they are? not what they do.

So thats what AWOM is. Regular meetings for business owners, professionals and people to connect with people.

We love finding new & exciting spaces in and around Adelaide, and adding that to the mix of different events we put on through out the year only makes them better. Not only are you sharing conversations & building relationships with the Adelaide business community. You get to re-discover your own city. It’s a great city! You just have to get out there, get involved & meet the people and see the places that make it a fantastic place to work & live!

AWOM is about people first & business second.

If this sounds like your cup of coffee! Become a member today.

We would love to meet you!

Rob Kalemba
AWOM Founder