Feedback about Breakfast Networking at Cafe Piatto

Adelaide Word of Mouth Rundle Breakfast Networking

Adelaide Word of Mouth Rundle Breakfast NetworkingWell, we tried something new this morning.. And we think it worked! Adelaide Word of Mouth Speed Networking!!

At this morning’s breakfast we saw a great turn out of 60 AWOM’ers who got quickly sat down and experienced our first attempt at speed networking. The rules were simple: You can discuss absolutely anything you’d like as long as it’s not business, service or product related. Members instead discussed what they might have been known for in a previous life, what hobbies they have or even what they did on the weekend. A true following of AWOM’s mantra: “People first and business second”.

It’s important to us that Members meet each other, and get to know each other instead of being handed a business card or by being given a “hard sell”. We’ve long felt that networking is meant to build relationships and even friendships, as opposed to being a soapbox to advertise a product and this is a testament to that.

So what did our Members think about it?

This time we’re doing things slightly differently: We have the usual feedback form below which we would sincerely appreciate you take the 60 seconds required to let us know what you thought in private. But in addition to that we have a live poll for the first time.. One that all members can add their comments to and see results live!

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